Python Virtual Environments with “virtualenv”

Python virtual environment allows python programmers to safely work with different python packages & different versions to test the application. Plus it would not impact the other python environments on the same system. The following command will install the “virtualenv” in /usr/local/bin folder: The virtualenv is now available to all the applications/users on the system. … Continue reading Python Virtual Environments with “virtualenv”

Python Package Management with pip3

“pip” is a default package manager for python packages/modules. You can install pip using the following command: The pip3 binary in installed in /usr/bin folder. Check the pip version: or You can upgrade “pip” using the following command: The table below lists some commonly used of pip command: Command Description python3 -m pip –help Display … Continue reading Python Package Management with pip3

Tutorial: Python Virtual Environment Wrapper

Installation: Step 1: Make sure the “virtualenv” is already installed Step 2: Install “virtualenvwrapper“ Step 3: Add some environment variables Add the following at your .bash_profile file (or to your shell’s profile file) Step 4: Source the wrapper script Step 5: Create directories You are ready to use the virtualenvwrapper!! Using virtualenvwrapper